My Twitter Experience

By: Thandeka Mnisi

Twitter  has changed the way we communicate.As a journalist student, I was given an assignment which was about tweeting three stories that was of interest to me and provide a link to original stories. In those tweets it was said they they should be in relation with the blog’s theme and should be tweeted using the same hashtag to all 3 of them. Those tweets were to be tweeted in three different days, of which i did.My blog’s theme is all about sports, in which i cover 3 categories of sports namely  soccer, rugby and cricket.

Screenshot of my first tweet:

My first tweet covered a soccer category. I chose this story because i felt like tackling big names such as the likes of Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi  will actually bring a larger audience such as the soccer fans and those who loved the footballers.

Second screenshot of my tweet:

This is my second tweet which covered the category of rugby.i chose this story because the story was one of the biggest stories in the rugby field which trended for days and was all over the news sites.Therefore i felt like it was relevant for rugby fans in my Twitter.

Third screenshot of my tweet:

This is my third tweet which covers the soccer category. I chose this particular story because the quote or phrase was actually catchy and could easily grab the viewers attention. On this tweet i decided to quote a person’s actual words to show my variation of tweets.
My experience with Twitter as a journalism student was both exciting and challenging. The exciting part was that i could  share links to full stories for my viewers off which i never did before. The challenging part was that twitter limited me with 140 characters in tweeting my stories, i couldn’t use more than 140 characters which made me shortened some of my stories.

I could conclude by saying that i didn’t get as much response as i hoped too because I am not a well-known person, an active twitter user and i do not have many followers. If was active, may be my followers and viewers would have recognized my tweets.


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